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I'm an actor, writer, and comedian who likes to tell stories that are funny and have feelings to them.


I've performed around Canada, and worked with the likes of Lorne Elliott, Scott Faulconbridge, and Mike MacDonald.


As a writer, I've been published by Parton & Pearl, Maritime EDIT, and RED: The Island Storybook.


As a theatre person, I am a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, and have produced a number of my own solo shows. 

Want proof that I'm as funny as this website implies? Click here for clips!

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Is reading your thing? Here's a collection of essays and stories I've written! (Not here, you gotta press the button)

Out for a drive or taking the baby out for a walk? How about a podcast to keep you company!

Are you still reading? If so, that means you're either my mother or you might be thinking about booking me for your event!  




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