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Looking to add some comedic live entertainment to your event? Justin Shaw is a professional host and comedian capable of performing before adult or all-ages audiences. His high-energy and exciting performance balanced with relatable jokes and stories makes a sure-fire guarantee to add some fun to your event!

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"For Finning 2019's annual United Way Fundraiser, Justin Shaw for the evening, and he didn’t disappoint! His style was a combination of current event humor and personal storytelling that the audience enjoyed with a bit of “down home” humor we could all relate to. We would love to have him at another event soon!"

- Kelly Tole, Community Liaison, Finning-Fort McMurray, corporate booking

"It was a fantastic evening - I loved it! Justin kept us entertained all evening. Honestly, it was more than I expected. Way, way more than expected. He made the evening for us!

- Janey, private booking

Audio Recordings

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High-End Bootleg is a bootleg recording of An Evening of Comedy with Justin Shaw on January 4th, 2020 at Bar1911 as part of their After Hours Series. This thirty-minute recording is a sample of a fun evening of entertainment performed before a sold-out audience in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It is an archive of a material written over the course of six years, and proof that Justin Shaw is a goddamn fool. 

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Justin Shaw's hilarious comedy podcast features co-host Benton Hartley as they interview guests from across the world as they share their best (worst!) story!

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Join the wonders of saving planet Earth from near destruction as a team of plucky oil drillers are sent into space to annihilate an asteroid headed to Earth… on Christmas Day! It’s all the fun and excitement you could expect on the brink of an apocalypse mixed with some holiday spirit!